Sunday, October 20, 2013

sweetest day, 1 year anniversary, and halloween fun

Firstly, I would like to start off with a few things about my blog.
If there is any problems following my blog or if something is not working please let me know
so I can fix it. Thanks :)

okay well this weekend was amazing. I had my one year anniversary as well as I went to farmer's market
which I found something I would like to share with everyone. First though is my 1 year anniversary!

My boyfriend asked me out on sweetest day. And I was not sure how well it was going to work
out between us. I really wanted to be single and not sure how to be in a relationship.
We have now officially as of October 20th have been together a year.

So we spent our 1 year in Chicago.
My favorite cities and my favorite place on earth.
(main reason is probably because I only life a half an hour away)

Anyways, we went to the rock n roll Mcdonald's. And waited there for a hour for our tour.
I thought it would be appropriate since its almost halloween that we would go on a ghost tour
of the city.
*pictures later in the post*

We visited some of the most tragic and beautiful places in the city that are said to be haunted.
A fun fact: The old Oprah Winfrey studios was once used to hold bodies of people who had
drowned in the 1915 boat tipping. ( forgot the name sorry). The tour guide said Oprah had bought
the building unknowing of this and would not spend the night there.

So we had an amazing weekend & I even found a starbucks open TILL MIDNIGHT.
so I love the city and I am hoping to go again soon with my niece to shop :-)

Overall, my 1 year anniversary was perfection as well. I noticed on Instagram a bunch of girls
posted photos with what their boyfriends have bought them.
and no one could truly measure up to all the things my boyfriend does and say.
so I am truly happy.

Now I wanted to share with you something I bought at a farmer's market.
I bought Goats milk soap at the farmer's market. I recommend EVERYONE
try this because I use it to shave my legs and it is so perfect.
It seems amazing and it was a good steal.
I will give credit soon to the company and their soap.


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