Sunday, March 22, 2015

Aloha, long time no see!

Hello! If you are reading this then you are one of few left. I have gone on a hiatus because life
has been extremely busy. I am a full time student, worker, and girlfriend. So with that
being said my focus has been here, there, and probably everywhere. But, this week I want to
focus on bring my blog back to life. I am not super good at the whole blogging thing yet...
but I am hoping as time goes I will have a decent blog for EVERYONE to enjoy.

With this all being said there are a few changes to my blog...

1. I am not longer strictly a beauty blog. I would like to post more life posts. So, again until
I get a handle on this blog thing expect life iphone photo's until I find a nice camera from
ebay or craiglist or birthday gift...(a girl can hope.)

2. I would like to follow more blogs. So if you currently follow me please make sure I follow
you back! :)

3. If anyone is good with blogger or anything computer tech-ish. Please email me (see contact)
I could use a few pointers! :)

So, I think that is that. I just want to put more focus into my life and beyond beauty stuff.
I want to write and enjoy mubbling about my day. I may have boring days but I have such great
people and things to talk about. So please stay tuned.

PS. I think I may start a new tab for books to read so if you have suggestions please contact me
again (See contact) for that information.
xo Meg