Sunday, March 22, 2015

Aloha, long time no see!

Hello! If you are reading this then you are one of few left. I have gone on a hiatus because life
has been extremely busy. I am a full time student, worker, and girlfriend. So with that
being said my focus has been here, there, and probably everywhere. But, this week I want to
focus on bring my blog back to life. I am not super good at the whole blogging thing yet...
but I am hoping as time goes I will have a decent blog for EVERYONE to enjoy.

With this all being said there are a few changes to my blog...

1. I am not longer strictly a beauty blog. I would like to post more life posts. So, again until
I get a handle on this blog thing expect life iphone photo's until I find a nice camera from
ebay or craiglist or birthday gift...(a girl can hope.)

2. I would like to follow more blogs. So if you currently follow me please make sure I follow
you back! :)

3. If anyone is good with blogger or anything computer tech-ish. Please email me (see contact)
I could use a few pointers! :)

So, I think that is that. I just want to put more focus into my life and beyond beauty stuff.
I want to write and enjoy mubbling about my day. I may have boring days but I have such great
people and things to talk about. So please stay tuned.

PS. I think I may start a new tab for books to read so if you have suggestions please contact me
again (See contact) for that information.
xo Meg

Monday, September 22, 2014

Need Help, Quick Post, and Lots of Fall Idea's

Hey Guys!
So I was looking through my posts and I noticed how much of a mess they are.
I am currently editing quite a lot of posts and some look flat out horrible. Please email me or
comment if any of my posts look horrible. Quite of few people who follow me on bloglovin'
even if you do not read my post just look at the format tell me it's a mess please!
It won't hurt my feelings!!!!!!!! :)

Also, with being here and Halloween ( MY FAVORITE) coming soon. I have tons of posts
in the working in my head. So please let me know if my posts look like utter awfulness.
Or idea's you have for autumn/Halloween etc.

Thank you for reading!


If you are uncomfortable leaving criticism please feel free to use anonymous via tumblr.

Monday, September 1, 2014

August is gone. Time for the August Favorites!

Hello everyone!
Happy Labor Day! To those who do not celebrate then happy monday! So today I wanted
to a post of my August favorites. Since I am just getting back into the swing of things I do not
have quite the large post for you. However, I do have a few products that I suggest should
be in your makeup collection next summer!

Quick Note before you read!
Some of the products I have I received  through ipsy. I do not know were to purchase them.
Also, some of the products I do not show the content of. I do use these products. It's slightly
evident but just to keep a clean post. I did not take pictures of the content. Lastly, some
of the pictures are out of focus I am working on finding a new camera! Sorry!

Here is the August favorites!
First I wanted to start off with my new foundation routine! At the beginning of the month of the
month I had an issue with my old foundation routine. I WAS CAKED!!!! :( Basically, I had flakes
of makeup coming off my face. If that describes out awful that was. I was running out of solutions.
I had minimal help on this one. So I decided to just go against my gut instinct and try something
completely new. So I tried a new primer which Pores No More by Dr. Brandt. A primer I got in an
ipsy bag. It is a matte primer which is AGAINST my likings but it turned out very soft to the touch.
Not noticeable. When added with a moisturizer I will show later it made the right consistency. 

Then I used Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil Free foundation. BTW, to state the obvious here.
It is NOT skin clearing. But, for acne prone skin it actually is not bad. With other foundations
it can feel destroying on the skin. This one I can sweat and leave it on for the day and it does not
add to my already existing breakouts or worsen my existing breakouts.

I recommend these you can find the Neutrogena foundation at any drugstore. However, I find it
hard to find the Primer. The brand is unfamiliar to me. I did some research, LOL, via facebook
beauty groups and found you may be able to find it at T.J. Maxx but I have yet to find it. So
if you have any idea where to find it please comment. Maybe you guys know more than me!

Now, I am kind of scattered. I should have started with this next product first. But oh well, the next
product is an interesting product. I had it in my beauty junk drawer for some time. I finally picked
it up to try it one night after completing a very vigorous skin care routine. So, let's just say
NEVER ignore the little extras you get in kits and such. I must have gotten this awhile ago when
I went to a bare minerals store. I was never a bare minerals fan. But this was one product that
stood out from the rest!

It is the Bare Minerals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer. For normal to dry skin. I am not a huge fan
of a lot of moisturizers. This is not a staple for me either but it does the job. It is not scented
horrible and it works great with primers ( NOTE: Not solely used as a primer).

On to the next item! I posted about this palette since it came out. I was like "Oh I'll do a review."
Then bam! I was gone. Well, this is my mini review!

Naked 3 came out around I want to say maybe March 2014? Correct me if I am wrong, please!
Well, at first I struggled with it. For me, I was sort of newish at makeup really. I did not know how
to make the colors more colorful. Months on months later, I finally put it as a summer favorite. I
used it a lot for everyday looks. I used it for bun up rosy day looks. It is a good summer and
 maybefallish palette. I do not plan however to wear it all year. But to each their own!
(NOTE: should get a good eye primer for this palette!)

This next buy was bought to you by Wanelo! I would never have thought that I could trust wanelo
with a buy. Now, I do not recommend these if you are a brush fanatic because you maybe
disappointed by these brushes. However, if you are some what beginner or intermediate
with makeup these brushes are not bad for you. They are a tad too soft and soak up product. But I really likedthe variety and the price. They were $14 plus shipping. They do get the job done. And I enjoy testing them out and having a cute matching set. You can get them off of amazon but I did it
through wanelo! I enjoyed them for light summer looks!

Lastly, I wanted to wrap this up with my favorite thing! Lipsticks and lippies! I picked two that I
used a lot. I love red and pink. So for the summer I tried to pick bright vibrant reds and save the
plummy gothy reds for fall. And the pinks I chose are very light. But two lippies stood out to me
the most and are mostly used they are... Mac Snob and Revlon colorbursts matte balm in 240!

I do not recommend matte in the summer. Matte lips to me are drying. For me. And in the summer
it's some what more drying. So, I found it hard for me to really use them. I like a good shimmery
summery lip. But I do love the colors and they lasted pretty well on hot heated days. So these
would be my choice in lippies!

So just closing this post seems like a lot. I tried to limit it. These are just a few things I enjoyed
this summer! please leave your posts if you have august favorites to check out!

Thanks guys!

For next time:
  • I am looking for a VERY KIND person to edit my posts for me! email me if you can help! It does not have to be perfect!
  • Also, please let me know how I am doing!
  • Email is in contact if you want to let me know and to share blogs!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Amish Day Out

Some days it's nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. (Is bustle even right?)
I love where I live because if you go 30 minutes to an hour west you will be in the lovely city
of Chicago, if you go 30 minutes northeast you will be near the beaches off of Lake Michigan,
and if you go an hour to two hours west you will be in an Amish country town. I really get a little
bit of everything here.  I got to enjoy a day with my family and boyfriend in a sleepy little Amish town. Lots of farms and scenery.

We first started off picking up my godmother. My boyfriend finally got to meet her and I am happy
because she is like family to me. We started on our two hour journey.

We came to a little shopping area where the Amish sell products along with other various sellers.
First we stopped at a flea market. It was a gorgeous windy day. I wanted to sample all the food!
I also bought some lemon drinks that were amazing.

After we picked up fresh produce, cheeses and bread. We were off to a place called the Essenhous.
A dutch name for...i'm not quite sure. But, it was a gorgeous area to shop and walk around.

My boyfriend and I found plenty of times to take tons of pictures. It was romantic to have so many
green plants and cute little pink flowers. The whole time we were there if we weren't looking at the
scenery. We were watching for Amish people. We were interested in their lives and all are so kind.
We were unable to get pictures however out of respect for their religious and personal choices. it
was definitely a large difference then what we are use too!

So, at the end of the day we visited my godmothers gorgeous house. So I will leave off with some
pictures of her garden. But overall, I think my boyfriend liked his first Amish experience. We both
enjoyed the day. I picked up a few things mostly foods and candles. So, I am very excited to try
these things out!

What are some places near you that you like to visit?

Thanks for reading!

coming soon....or eventually lol.
  • Hair masks? Good/ bad masks
  • Lush purchases!
  • Farmers market haul
  • Fall make up update! :D

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Quite the Lipstick Junkie that I Am

I haven't posted in quite sometime. Work, school, and keeping up with events and other daily
activities. As I sit here and watch "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days" I figured now is the best time
to post!

So today, I am posting some of my spring/summer picks for lipsticks!!!!!!!!!
I have so many lipsticks so I am trying to reorganize them by season. So I thought I would
post about my top 5 best picks!

Just a few of my lipsticks that I have. I finally updated my spring/summer collection.

My first pick that is a must have comes from Maybelline. It is the Color Vivids collection
and the shade is 870 Shocking coral.
I heard so many great things about this lipstick. So I bought a load ton of these little lipsticks.
My first thought was maybe this was not the best buy. I tend to just buy things I see other beauty
guru's have. But, I adore this brand of lipstick. I never thought I love the shade but I found that the
more I work with it the more I like it. It's glossy not shiny which makes it easy to apply and to edit.
yes I said edit. But easy to work with and make different looks with.

This next pick is from MAC. It is Mac Rihanna edition lipstick in Vivia Glam Rihanna.
I am not sure the name but it is the Rihanna edition. It is still in stores and it is a great pick.
This lipstick is a lighter red. I love red shade lipsticks the sad part is that it's not always in season.
Most of my reds I can only wear for fall/winter. But this lipstick can be a year round lipstick. Now,
I am NOT telling you to go buy it asap. This shade of red is not my favorite but I do like that I can
wear it year round and it is of good quality. It is a little mattefying. But it applies great and they
have an awesome lip gloss to pair with this lipstick. Price: $18 definitely try it on next time you
are in MAC.

My next choice is the Body Shop brand lipstick. You may or may not know but the Body Shop
has amazing cosmetics from cc creams to bronzers and etc. Those are a must try themselves.
However, this next choice was a real shock to me.
The Body Shop is known for their amazing body and face care products. But little did I know they
have the best makeup as well. I bought this lipstick the sales woman had on. I was in love with it.
Again, another great lipstick that applies well. However, it does smear easy and comes off easy.
It has a gorgeous finish to it and great for beginners learning about lipstick! Price: ????
(it was a gift sorry I don't know the price)

Next, is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE BRANDS. Lime Crime is new in my life.
I made my first Lime Crime purchase a few months ago after I saw a few photos on pinterest.
This one is Lime Crime in great Pink Planet.
Cutely packed and it has a great sweet smell to it. Almost like a candy smell. I ordered a few off
of the app Wanelo. It came from Nasty Gal. These little lipsticks are such a mystery because only
a limited places sell them and they sometimes only have a limited supply. So when I got my hands
on this one I had to try it first. I love the pink for summer. It is HIGHLY pigmented so when
applying I best advise a brush because apply directly can be a lot of color. price: $18-20

Last, I saved the best for last. This last lipstick that everyone should try is Rimmel London
Kate Moss edition. I couldnt decide which one to post about so I will pick both. I love
#11 and #113.
I love these lipsticks for several reason. For the price they are great quality. They apply very loosely
so if you make a mistake they are easy to clean up yet they stay on your lips really well. They also
make a great second lipstick. What I mean by second lipstick is that if you don't like the shade of
one lipstick you can apply these on to get different shades. So they have many great purposes.
I think the price is $5-6 so I advise everyone to check them out and at least try one of a new shade
you'd love to try :)

Well that's it. It was hard to only pick 5 but I didn't want to bore anyone with more.
These are great tries so please let me know if you try any.

For Next Time: As promised I have been working up some idea's for my Naked 3 post.
So still working on it but stay tuned for the Naked 3 post! :)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Color Whispers review Part 2 | January 27th

Aloha Guys!
So I am going to do a post on color whispers once more. This was re-requested via an email
from a friend. So, I will do a new evaluation with the few new colors I have bought.

So firstly, Color Whispers are little lip balms that are made by Maybelline. I have seen so many
beauty bloggers and vloggers either rave or pass on these little products. I found these little guys
by a haul Zoella did. I always reference Zoella. But, I watch a lot of her video's because I feel
she gives a very honest opinion.

So these little balms are $5-$6. Sold almost everywhere at any drug store.

These little balms have a slight scent to them and are super glossy. I use them to mix my lipsticks
I do not like to over use them because they can get over gloss. But if you do not use them
over lipsticks they are great over chap lips or just a causal lip gloss.


This is a small swatch I did. As you can see there is a little shine to them. They are also
slightly pigmented which I liked as well.

Should you buy?
Well, I think that all products should be tested and made a personal choice. But they are cheap
and they can be used for many purposes. So I think they should be added to any makeup collection
for a pick me up for lipsticks!

So thanks for reading! Let me know which Color Whispers shades you like!

Next time:
I will do a mini review on my brand new naked 3 palette that I almost cried when I bought it!

So stay tuned and if you have any great advice for the palette message me contact me!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Review : Lush Bath Bombs are they worth the buy or skip?

Hey guys!
I thought I'd do a post on the ever growing popular bath bombs.
A little bit about Lush though. I found Lush via tumblr. The products that Lush offer
are not only handmade but beneficial. Also, another popular factor of the products are how pretty
and photogenic the products are.

So over Christmas break I thought I would order some bath bombs to give as gifts
and try for myself.

So when I got my package as you can tell I was quite excited. I could smell the fresh scents
of the bath bombs and I wanted to check them out.

Something you should know when ordering bath bombs!
-They crumble easily. So you don't want to handle them too much.
-They are one time use products.

With that being said I order 3 particular that I wanted to try.
  • Butterball
As pictured above has a sweet scent to it. It is hard to describe the scent because I am not sure
but it is one of my favorites. It left my bath very vanilla or sweet scent. My skin felt amazing after-
ward. The bath water almost had these little buttery beads that you can see.
I loved this one the most and I feel people would skip it because it doesn't have the photo instgramy
factor. *if instagramy was a word!* This bomb made my skin feel the best!
Price: $4.95
  • Shooting for the stars
This bomb is one of the most popular bath bombs in my point of view out of the whole collection.
Again, I can't really describe the smell but I can tell you it's a super light scent and if you do not
like over powering scents then you would still like bath bombs. The smells won't give you a
headache. This bath bomb is iconic not only for appearance but the change of colors in your bath.
*important note: it is a tad bit shimmery. And it does not stain you because of  the colors but you
may leave your bath a tiny bit shimmery than you came in*
Price: $6.95

Lastly, the third bomb I personally bought and tested.

  • Sex Bomb
I posted this picture with the packing because I did order my bombs through mail over
going to the store like I would normally prefer. This is the packing that it comes in with a 
description of the product.
This bomb I did like least. Simply because it was too floral scented for me.  However,
once more like the other two it did make my skin feel soft for the day and it maybe my
bath smell some what good. Of course, dropping the bomb into the bath was fun as well.
Price: $6.95
Just a bonus because I ordered these around Christmas. I did gift some of these to people.
This one was one of my gifts I gave and I think bath bombs are great finishing touches to
any gift.

This was the little gift I gave to a family member and even if you do not take baths you could use
bath bombs as a re-gift (if you're that kind of person) or cut them up and use them for your feet
to soften your feet for the winter. So they literally make great gifts for others.
Overall, I really enjoy Lush. I love the store, brand, and products. I love the idea of Lush being
so environmentally friendly and charitable. But their products as photogenic as they are can be
pricy for one time use. I think that if you are first time buyer take into consideration that bath
bombs are one time use and not to underestimate the plain color bombs!   
Thanks for reading! I am already trying to think out my next post.
For requests please email me @
tweet: @becausemeg
or tumblr
I am always open for suggestions, collaborations, or just to talk about posts.     
Thanks again and stay tuned for the next review :)