Not just your average make-up lover... I am a make-up junkie!

Hello, My name is Meagan :) I am 22 years old. I am attending school for psychology.
Let's just say I have good intuition about people! I work which consumes a good amount
of my time. Retired All-Star cheerleader, so if you love cheer as much as me LETS BE

I love lipsticks they are my favorite things on this god given earth. I love trying new things.
I tend to be shy publicly with make-up. I wear tons of neutrals and simple colors. But, lipsticks
I tend to let loose on. So, if I post life posts and make-up posts you will see so many sides
of me and my make-up.

I have a boyfriend. We started dating in October 20th, 2012. It feels like we have been dating
years! He is my best friend. We literally spend everyday together. Sometimes we need days to
our self or to study. We both are ambitious which maybe the ONLY thing we have in common.
But I truly believe now opposites attract. He makes me so happy everyday. He is so protecting
and loving ( I know cheesey!). I am thankful God put him in my life.

My family is huge too. Yes, they are crazy. But I love them as well.

So that is basically me without me rabbling my life story! Enjoy the blog!