Disclaimer: Updated June 30th 2014

I do not own the images on the banner or background.
I am not sure who made the banner anymore because they made it so long ago.
But, I did not make it myself.

All images and photos on this blog are mine!
It's kind of easy to tell since I am so amateur at taking pictures.
But, in the event that I do use an internet or other photo I will try my best to source
it or at least disclaim that it is not mine!

I am NOT  affiliated with any PR companies or any other agencies. With that being said I
purchase all my items and give extremely honest opinions. I can re-evaluate a product
if need be or if I did not use it properly. PLEASE TELL ME IF I USE IT WRONG!!!
Which brings me to my final points.

I am NOT a professional. I am a freelance make-up junkie who loves lipsticks! :)
So I am not always correct and my use products or techniques that work best for me
but may not be always easy for others. I try my best doing research on products that fits
everyone generally. But, always do research before you try anything.

Lastly and importantly, not everything a beauty lover, guru, or professional does will work for you.
So don't stress! We all have a little bit of a beauty guru in us somewhere!