Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Amish Day Out

Some days it's nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. (Is bustle even right?)
I love where I live because if you go 30 minutes to an hour west you will be in the lovely city
of Chicago, if you go 30 minutes northeast you will be near the beaches off of Lake Michigan,
and if you go an hour to two hours west you will be in an Amish country town. I really get a little
bit of everything here.  I got to enjoy a day with my family and boyfriend in a sleepy little Amish town. Lots of farms and scenery.

We first started off picking up my godmother. My boyfriend finally got to meet her and I am happy
because she is like family to me. We started on our two hour journey.

We came to a little shopping area where the Amish sell products along with other various sellers.
First we stopped at a flea market. It was a gorgeous windy day. I wanted to sample all the food!
I also bought some lemon drinks that were amazing.

After we picked up fresh produce, cheeses and bread. We were off to a place called the Essenhous.
A dutch name for...i'm not quite sure. But, it was a gorgeous area to shop and walk around.

My boyfriend and I found plenty of times to take tons of pictures. It was romantic to have so many
green plants and cute little pink flowers. The whole time we were there if we weren't looking at the
scenery. We were watching for Amish people. We were interested in their lives and all are so kind.
We were unable to get pictures however out of respect for their religious and personal choices. it
was definitely a large difference then what we are use too!

So, at the end of the day we visited my godmothers gorgeous house. So I will leave off with some
pictures of her garden. But overall, I think my boyfriend liked his first Amish experience. We both
enjoyed the day. I picked up a few things mostly foods and candles. So, I am very excited to try
these things out!

What are some places near you that you like to visit?

Thanks for reading!

coming soon....or eventually lol.
  • Hair masks? Good/ bad masks
  • Lush purchases!
  • Farmers market haul
  • Fall make up update! :D