Monday, January 27, 2014

Color Whispers review Part 2 | January 27th

Aloha Guys!
So I am going to do a post on color whispers once more. This was re-requested via an email
from a friend. So, I will do a new evaluation with the few new colors I have bought.

So firstly, Color Whispers are little lip balms that are made by Maybelline. I have seen so many
beauty bloggers and vloggers either rave or pass on these little products. I found these little guys
by a haul Zoella did. I always reference Zoella. But, I watch a lot of her video's because I feel
she gives a very honest opinion.

So these little balms are $5-$6. Sold almost everywhere at any drug store.

These little balms have a slight scent to them and are super glossy. I use them to mix my lipsticks
I do not like to over use them because they can get over gloss. But if you do not use them
over lipsticks they are great over chap lips or just a causal lip gloss.


This is a small swatch I did. As you can see there is a little shine to them. They are also
slightly pigmented which I liked as well.

Should you buy?
Well, I think that all products should be tested and made a personal choice. But they are cheap
and they can be used for many purposes. So I think they should be added to any makeup collection
for a pick me up for lipsticks!

So thanks for reading! Let me know which Color Whispers shades you like!

Next time:
I will do a mini review on my brand new naked 3 palette that I almost cried when I bought it!

So stay tuned and if you have any great advice for the palette message me contact me!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Review : Lush Bath Bombs are they worth the buy or skip?

Hey guys!
I thought I'd do a post on the ever growing popular bath bombs.
A little bit about Lush though. I found Lush via tumblr. The products that Lush offer
are not only handmade but beneficial. Also, another popular factor of the products are how pretty
and photogenic the products are.

So over Christmas break I thought I would order some bath bombs to give as gifts
and try for myself.

So when I got my package as you can tell I was quite excited. I could smell the fresh scents
of the bath bombs and I wanted to check them out.

Something you should know when ordering bath bombs!
-They crumble easily. So you don't want to handle them too much.
-They are one time use products.

With that being said I order 3 particular that I wanted to try.
  • Butterball
As pictured above has a sweet scent to it. It is hard to describe the scent because I am not sure
but it is one of my favorites. It left my bath very vanilla or sweet scent. My skin felt amazing after-
ward. The bath water almost had these little buttery beads that you can see.
I loved this one the most and I feel people would skip it because it doesn't have the photo instgramy
factor. *if instagramy was a word!* This bomb made my skin feel the best!
Price: $4.95
  • Shooting for the stars
This bomb is one of the most popular bath bombs in my point of view out of the whole collection.
Again, I can't really describe the smell but I can tell you it's a super light scent and if you do not
like over powering scents then you would still like bath bombs. The smells won't give you a
headache. This bath bomb is iconic not only for appearance but the change of colors in your bath.
*important note: it is a tad bit shimmery. And it does not stain you because of  the colors but you
may leave your bath a tiny bit shimmery than you came in*
Price: $6.95

Lastly, the third bomb I personally bought and tested.

  • Sex Bomb
I posted this picture with the packing because I did order my bombs through mail over
going to the store like I would normally prefer. This is the packing that it comes in with a 
description of the product.
This bomb I did like least. Simply because it was too floral scented for me.  However,
once more like the other two it did make my skin feel soft for the day and it maybe my
bath smell some what good. Of course, dropping the bomb into the bath was fun as well.
Price: $6.95
Just a bonus because I ordered these around Christmas. I did gift some of these to people.
This one was one of my gifts I gave and I think bath bombs are great finishing touches to
any gift.

This was the little gift I gave to a family member and even if you do not take baths you could use
bath bombs as a re-gift (if you're that kind of person) or cut them up and use them for your feet
to soften your feet for the winter. So they literally make great gifts for others.
Overall, I really enjoy Lush. I love the store, brand, and products. I love the idea of Lush being
so environmentally friendly and charitable. But their products as photogenic as they are can be
pricy for one time use. I think that if you are first time buyer take into consideration that bath
bombs are one time use and not to underestimate the plain color bombs!   
Thanks for reading! I am already trying to think out my next post.
For requests please email me @
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I am always open for suggestions, collaborations, or just to talk about posts.     
Thanks again and stay tuned for the next review :)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Reviews: Benefit cosmetics rockateur

Hello Guys,
I like to give my amateur opinion on makeup products that are growing increasingly popular.
Benefit Rockateur is a cheek or face product that is not only known for being a good product but
also the packaging is cute. I for one like packing. It's a bad habit but I do make purchases based on packaging.

The packaging is obviously cute. Sometimes that does distract you from the size of the product.
The size is super small. I bought a dupe just in case I fall in love with it. However, you almost don't
want to use the product because it's so pretty!

Next part is the content.

I opened up the product and I've heard from many people to smell it and how fabulous it smells.
And it does smell nicer than most products. And it's very pretty inside that it's hard to want to use
it yet.

(Sorry for the poor quality pictures) This is a small swatch of the product on my middle finger.
The consistancy is very fine and light. The pigments are so pretty. It's more of a bronzer to me than
a blush. It's a tan pink-ish color when brushed on. It gives a pretty shimmer. So if you're not into
shimmer that's okay because this product does not over shimmer.

My final thoughts:

Overall, with just one day of trying it out. I do like it. I don't plan to use it everyday.
Just because the packaging makes it hard to want to use. It has a great consistency. It's not dusty
it doesn't feel thick or heavy. I overall love this product and I think that for the price if you try
it once you won't be disappointed!

Thank you for reading please feel free to comment if you tried it, if you like it, or don't like it

Next post review coming soon and a tad late. Ive been trying to do this post for quite some time
but now that I have time next review will be Lush bath bombs. Are they worth it? or just a pretty
picture to post on insta?

well bye guys :)