Sunday, January 12, 2014

Reviews: Benefit cosmetics rockateur

Hello Guys,
I like to give my amateur opinion on makeup products that are growing increasingly popular.
Benefit Rockateur is a cheek or face product that is not only known for being a good product but
also the packaging is cute. I for one like packing. It's a bad habit but I do make purchases based on packaging.

The packaging is obviously cute. Sometimes that does distract you from the size of the product.
The size is super small. I bought a dupe just in case I fall in love with it. However, you almost don't
want to use the product because it's so pretty!

Next part is the content.

I opened up the product and I've heard from many people to smell it and how fabulous it smells.
And it does smell nicer than most products. And it's very pretty inside that it's hard to want to use
it yet.

(Sorry for the poor quality pictures) This is a small swatch of the product on my middle finger.
The consistancy is very fine and light. The pigments are so pretty. It's more of a bronzer to me than
a blush. It's a tan pink-ish color when brushed on. It gives a pretty shimmer. So if you're not into
shimmer that's okay because this product does not over shimmer.

My final thoughts:

Overall, with just one day of trying it out. I do like it. I don't plan to use it everyday.
Just because the packaging makes it hard to want to use. It has a great consistency. It's not dusty
it doesn't feel thick or heavy. I overall love this product and I think that for the price if you try
it once you won't be disappointed!

Thank you for reading please feel free to comment if you tried it, if you like it, or don't like it

Next post review coming soon and a tad late. Ive been trying to do this post for quite some time
but now that I have time next review will be Lush bath bombs. Are they worth it? or just a pretty
picture to post on insta?

well bye guys :)

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  1. Oooh I love the Lorac CC Cream!!! I use mine constantly!!!! Ugh girl you don't even know!