Monday, January 27, 2014

Color Whispers review Part 2 | January 27th

Aloha Guys!
So I am going to do a post on color whispers once more. This was re-requested via an email
from a friend. So, I will do a new evaluation with the few new colors I have bought.

So firstly, Color Whispers are little lip balms that are made by Maybelline. I have seen so many
beauty bloggers and vloggers either rave or pass on these little products. I found these little guys
by a haul Zoella did. I always reference Zoella. But, I watch a lot of her video's because I feel
she gives a very honest opinion.

So these little balms are $5-$6. Sold almost everywhere at any drug store.

These little balms have a slight scent to them and are super glossy. I use them to mix my lipsticks
I do not like to over use them because they can get over gloss. But if you do not use them
over lipsticks they are great over chap lips or just a causal lip gloss.


This is a small swatch I did. As you can see there is a little shine to them. They are also
slightly pigmented which I liked as well.

Should you buy?
Well, I think that all products should be tested and made a personal choice. But they are cheap
and they can be used for many purposes. So I think they should be added to any makeup collection
for a pick me up for lipsticks!

So thanks for reading! Let me know which Color Whispers shades you like!

Next time:
I will do a mini review on my brand new naked 3 palette that I almost cried when I bought it!

So stay tuned and if you have any great advice for the palette message me contact me!

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