Saturday, March 8, 2014

Quite the Lipstick Junkie that I Am

I haven't posted in quite sometime. Work, school, and keeping up with events and other daily
activities. As I sit here and watch "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days" I figured now is the best time
to post!

So today, I am posting some of my spring/summer picks for lipsticks!!!!!!!!!
I have so many lipsticks so I am trying to reorganize them by season. So I thought I would
post about my top 5 best picks!

Just a few of my lipsticks that I have. I finally updated my spring/summer collection.

My first pick that is a must have comes from Maybelline. It is the Color Vivids collection
and the shade is 870 Shocking coral.
I heard so many great things about this lipstick. So I bought a load ton of these little lipsticks.
My first thought was maybe this was not the best buy. I tend to just buy things I see other beauty
guru's have. But, I adore this brand of lipstick. I never thought I love the shade but I found that the
more I work with it the more I like it. It's glossy not shiny which makes it easy to apply and to edit.
yes I said edit. But easy to work with and make different looks with.

This next pick is from MAC. It is Mac Rihanna edition lipstick in Vivia Glam Rihanna.
I am not sure the name but it is the Rihanna edition. It is still in stores and it is a great pick.
This lipstick is a lighter red. I love red shade lipsticks the sad part is that it's not always in season.
Most of my reds I can only wear for fall/winter. But this lipstick can be a year round lipstick. Now,
I am NOT telling you to go buy it asap. This shade of red is not my favorite but I do like that I can
wear it year round and it is of good quality. It is a little mattefying. But it applies great and they
have an awesome lip gloss to pair with this lipstick. Price: $18 definitely try it on next time you
are in MAC.

My next choice is the Body Shop brand lipstick. You may or may not know but the Body Shop
has amazing cosmetics from cc creams to bronzers and etc. Those are a must try themselves.
However, this next choice was a real shock to me.
The Body Shop is known for their amazing body and face care products. But little did I know they
have the best makeup as well. I bought this lipstick the sales woman had on. I was in love with it.
Again, another great lipstick that applies well. However, it does smear easy and comes off easy.
It has a gorgeous finish to it and great for beginners learning about lipstick! Price: ????
(it was a gift sorry I don't know the price)

Next, is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE BRANDS. Lime Crime is new in my life.
I made my first Lime Crime purchase a few months ago after I saw a few photos on pinterest.
This one is Lime Crime in great Pink Planet.
Cutely packed and it has a great sweet smell to it. Almost like a candy smell. I ordered a few off
of the app Wanelo. It came from Nasty Gal. These little lipsticks are such a mystery because only
a limited places sell them and they sometimes only have a limited supply. So when I got my hands
on this one I had to try it first. I love the pink for summer. It is HIGHLY pigmented so when
applying I best advise a brush because apply directly can be a lot of color. price: $18-20

Last, I saved the best for last. This last lipstick that everyone should try is Rimmel London
Kate Moss edition. I couldnt decide which one to post about so I will pick both. I love
#11 and #113.
I love these lipsticks for several reason. For the price they are great quality. They apply very loosely
so if you make a mistake they are easy to clean up yet they stay on your lips really well. They also
make a great second lipstick. What I mean by second lipstick is that if you don't like the shade of
one lipstick you can apply these on to get different shades. So they have many great purposes.
I think the price is $5-6 so I advise everyone to check them out and at least try one of a new shade
you'd love to try :)

Well that's it. It was hard to only pick 5 but I didn't want to bore anyone with more.
These are great tries so please let me know if you try any.

For Next Time: As promised I have been working up some idea's for my Naked 3 post.
So still working on it but stay tuned for the Naked 3 post! :)

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