Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Haul Finally

Yesterday, I happen to noticed I had some cash lying around.
Which is unusual because with saving for Christmas and my recent anniversary to
Chicago. I inevitably found myself broke. :(

However, with this money I could finally update my fall makeup collection!
So here are the things I found were a must have. Also, I got some of these products because
of their high recommendation.

Just for your pleasure of viewing I added some photo's of Halloween things.
Since tomorrow is the big day!!!

The halloween items were part of the Haul too. Hense why I added them.
But about the products I bought:
  • Eos shaving cream. I am a fan of the lip gloss and even in this winter weather 
          it is important to have good up keep on your legs.
  • I bought Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick Number 11.
  • Essie Bahama Mama; I'm not really sure WHY its called Bahama Mama? It sounds summery to me for a plum color.
  • Maybelline color show Twilight rays. That is the black sparkly color. I like the color stay because it is easier to apply if you ask me.
  • Baby soft lip balm. It is actually slightly pigmented which is great. It will also protect the lips in this dang cold months.
  • Revlon just bitten kissable: smitten expense. 
What is your fall must haves? Please comment let me know what you think of this post, products, etc
bye guys!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

St. Ives Review

So I thought I would do a review on one of my personal favorites for skin care.
St.Ives has an amazing brand of skin care products.  I had my doubts when i first purchased
the the St. Ives fresh skin because I have horrible acne. I tried many other products: clean & clear,
Neutragena, even pro-activ. None of these skin care products seemed to help with my problem.
I tried the St.Ives with no expectations. And after a few weeks I found that it was a soft cleanser.
It did not discriminate against skin types (oil, dry, combo and so on). It worked on my dry skin.
I do use a moisturizer after, but the results were amazing! If used daily the product will clean your skin
and not dry it out or scratch my skin with the beads.

I give it five stars out of five: ***** ( its a must have)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

sweetest day, 1 year anniversary, and halloween fun

Firstly, I would like to start off with a few things about my blog.
If there is any problems following my blog or if something is not working please let me know
so I can fix it. Thanks :)

okay well this weekend was amazing. I had my one year anniversary as well as I went to farmer's market
which I found something I would like to share with everyone. First though is my 1 year anniversary!

My boyfriend asked me out on sweetest day. And I was not sure how well it was going to work
out between us. I really wanted to be single and not sure how to be in a relationship.
We have now officially as of October 20th have been together a year.

So we spent our 1 year in Chicago.
My favorite cities and my favorite place on earth.
(main reason is probably because I only life a half an hour away)

Anyways, we went to the rock n roll Mcdonald's. And waited there for a hour for our tour.
I thought it would be appropriate since its almost halloween that we would go on a ghost tour
of the city.
*pictures later in the post*

We visited some of the most tragic and beautiful places in the city that are said to be haunted.
A fun fact: The old Oprah Winfrey studios was once used to hold bodies of people who had
drowned in the 1915 boat tipping. ( forgot the name sorry). The tour guide said Oprah had bought
the building unknowing of this and would not spend the night there.

So we had an amazing weekend & I even found a starbucks open TILL MIDNIGHT.
so I love the city and I am hoping to go again soon with my niece to shop :-)

Overall, my 1 year anniversary was perfection as well. I noticed on Instagram a bunch of girls
posted photos with what their boyfriends have bought them.
and no one could truly measure up to all the things my boyfriend does and say.
so I am truly happy.

Now I wanted to share with you something I bought at a farmer's market.
I bought Goats milk soap at the farmer's market. I recommend EVERYONE
try this because I use it to shave my legs and it is so perfect.
It seems amazing and it was a good steal.
I will give credit soon to the company and their soap.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Nail polish opinions :)

hey all (:

Who doesn't love essie? They have the cutest shades and the brand is overall extremely popular.
Well, I did a little shopping and I found a new nail polish that I might love more than essie.
Which is pretty hard to say because well... THAT'S MY BRAND

Maybelline has nail polish that my boyfriend actually picked out so I thought I'd give them a go.
I an NOT a fan of painting my own nails. I am not creative with nail polish and I cant even really paint
them just a solid color without getting nail polish everywhere.

Anyways, I really like this new nail polish. The shades are cute. Unlike essie where you need a top coat
and even a base coat to get the color on nicely. I can just paint them and they look good or put a top coat
and make them look glossier...or more glossy rather!

Also, I made this post to ask everyone else how the feel about essie.
And which nail polish do you love the most? :-)

Here is the Maybelline brand                                           Essie Brand

Saturday, October 12, 2013

My review of maybelline color whispers

Hey guys!
okay so I am doing a post on Maybelline color Whispers because I found that there is a big
mix review on them. Some people love them and some people hate them.

Personally, I go either way. I found that they are great when you need a little color in your
look. And they aren't super pigmented. However, I found that they do not last long and that
they are quite pricey.

I have seen some more famous beauty bloggers wearing them and wanting them.
I just don't seen the greatness about them.
I like them for their shades but I dislike that they do not last very long.

Anyone else feel this way?
If they were to be graded on a scale of 1-10 on if you should by them.
I'd give them a 5. Yes, they look cool and many bloggers want them, yet they just dont do me
the justice I need.

How do you feel? Send in comments if you like or contact me via twitter
or tumblr and tell me what you think :)


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How I met my boyfriend

Okay so, I thought I was going to dedicate a page to him.
Which I will, but I thought I'd do a small post on how we met :-)
Okay, September 2012. I was bored one evening on facebook. At this time I had zero
friends that were girls. So I found myself requesting a lot more guys. The guy I requested one night
was named Michael.

He messaged me like 5 seconds later and was asking me a ZILLION questions.
Mind you, we knew of each other through mutual friends.
So I thought I would be friends with this guy NOTHING more. I had ambitions.
I was in college and working. I had NO time for a boyfriend.

After we finally met in person I realized he was different.  He didnt try kissing me or anything
against my better morals. He actually texted me RIGHT after he would drop me off every date.
So, I kinda liked that. He even went to a bar with his friends. And he texted me the whole time.
Because at that time, I was not legal to enter a bar.

He finally asked me out October 20, 2012. Sweetest day.
He didnt quite ask me. He gave me reasons to date him. Some of his reasons were:
I can take care of you.
I will treat you good.
You will never have to worry.

At first, I was like, ahhhh ok sure.
I wanted to be single. cheesy as this sounds...he taught me to love him.
He allowed me to get bad. He wouldnt raise his voice at me. He wanted to talk it out.
He bought me elephants ( MY FAVORITE ANIMAL EVER). This may be creepy but he allowed me
to look at his phone. I mean he kept EVERY promise he made the night he asked me out.

We have rough times and good times.
But I have never ever been so in love.
And for all my single followers. Love is out there waiting for you when you are ready for it.
* cheesy yet again* i know. :-)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beauty for beginners: relaxation, rest, and healthy lifestyle

So I thought my first post shouldn't be about makeup. Beauty starts deep inside of you. Before, putting on any ounce of makeup you have to start with the body. Not many people realize that rest and relaxation relates to beauty. If I don't get at least 6-8 hours of sleep, I can't Eve begin with morning beauty regmins.

Sleep: it is IMPORTANT to get an adequate amount of sleep. You need the time to regenerate. Plus, people loling for "dark circle" remedies should realize that getting a good amount a sleep may reduce their dark circles.

Water: staying hydrated throughout the day promotes good skin health plus other  numberous assets. It is important to drink water and skip all the sugar drinks. It will be helpful for your facial skin.

Food: this is an obvious. We have been told at a young age to eat healthy. And sometimes we hate too. But junk good and unhealthy eating habits are a small fact into stress and breaking out. By eating healthier food along with water you are promoting good body, mind, and skin.

Relaxation: most people will deny it or some may agree but we all need relaxation. Whether it is a bath, a nap, yoga / expercise. Anything that relieves stress. Stress, believe it or not, can actually make you gain weight. So my grabbing a cup of coffee and a good book you or listening to calming music will decrease your stress and promote a healthy body.

So whether people realize it or not but beauty is much deeper than hair, makeup , and skin. You have to start with yor internal before you can start your external :)So I hope this didn't bore

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

a little bit about me and my makeup style

okay, so this is my first real post on here. I am new and I'm still learning the ropes but I love it so far.

so a little about me. 
this is me (photo below)
I am super simple. I have blonde hair. and a dimple. ha!!

A lot of the things I like (beauty wise) is simple too. I like to look natural. I am not a huge eye shadow.
Out landish makeup artist. I help people and of course my self, to use makeup to just enhance your look.
Also, I am the queen of natural remedies.

A few brands and prodcuts I use on a everyday basis are:
  • Maybelline
  • the body shop
  • Lush cosmetics
  • Nars
  • Mac
This is just to name a few of my favorite brands.
Overall: I will not only be posting about beauty but also my life too.
IN FACT. I will just post about everything.
So please let me know how I am doing!!