Saturday, October 12, 2013

My review of maybelline color whispers

Hey guys!
okay so I am doing a post on Maybelline color Whispers because I found that there is a big
mix review on them. Some people love them and some people hate them.

Personally, I go either way. I found that they are great when you need a little color in your
look. And they aren't super pigmented. However, I found that they do not last long and that
they are quite pricey.

I have seen some more famous beauty bloggers wearing them and wanting them.
I just don't seen the greatness about them.
I like them for their shades but I dislike that they do not last very long.

Anyone else feel this way?
If they were to be graded on a scale of 1-10 on if you should by them.
I'd give them a 5. Yes, they look cool and many bloggers want them, yet they just dont do me
the justice I need.

How do you feel? Send in comments if you like or contact me via twitter
or tumblr and tell me what you think :)


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