Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How I met my boyfriend

Okay so, I thought I was going to dedicate a page to him.
Which I will, but I thought I'd do a small post on how we met :-)
Okay, September 2012. I was bored one evening on facebook. At this time I had zero
friends that were girls. So I found myself requesting a lot more guys. The guy I requested one night
was named Michael.

He messaged me like 5 seconds later and was asking me a ZILLION questions.
Mind you, we knew of each other through mutual friends.
So I thought I would be friends with this guy NOTHING more. I had ambitions.
I was in college and working. I had NO time for a boyfriend.

After we finally met in person I realized he was different.  He didnt try kissing me or anything
against my better morals. He actually texted me RIGHT after he would drop me off every date.
So, I kinda liked that. He even went to a bar with his friends. And he texted me the whole time.
Because at that time, I was not legal to enter a bar.

He finally asked me out October 20, 2012. Sweetest day.
He didnt quite ask me. He gave me reasons to date him. Some of his reasons were:
I can take care of you.
I will treat you good.
You will never have to worry.

At first, I was like, ahhhh ok sure.
I wanted to be single. But...as cheesy as this sounds...he taught me to love him.
He allowed me to get bad. He wouldnt raise his voice at me. He wanted to talk it out.
He bought me elephants ( MY FAVORITE ANIMAL EVER). This may be creepy but he allowed me
to look at his phone. I mean he kept EVERY promise he made the night he asked me out.

We have rough times and good times.
But I have never ever been so in love.
And for all my single followers. Love is out there waiting for you when you are ready for it.
* cheesy yet again* i know. :-)

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