Tuesday, October 1, 2013

a little bit about me and my makeup style

okay, so this is my first real post on here. I am new and I'm still learning the ropes but I love it so far.

so a little about me. 
this is me (photo below)
I am super simple. I have blonde hair. and a dimple. ha!!

A lot of the things I like (beauty wise) is simple too. I like to look natural. I am not a huge eye shadow.
Out landish makeup artist. I help people and of course my self, to use makeup to just enhance your look.
Also, I am the queen of natural remedies.

A few brands and prodcuts I use on a everyday basis are:
  • Maybelline
  • the body shop
  • Lush cosmetics
  • Nars
  • Mac
This is just to name a few of my favorite brands.
Overall: I will not only be posting about beauty but also my life too.
IN FACT. I will just post about everything.
So please let me know how I am doing!!


  1. Hi hun...this the 3rd time. I came to your blog to subscribe but I could not... Will you please add bloglovin wiget! I stopped using blogger so can't follow you from a blog which I don't use...

    Visit me if you have time..... Tansiasblog.com

  2. Ah I just read your comment via my niece!
    I will follow you and how do I add the wiget?
    @Tansia Ayon