Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beauty for beginners: relaxation, rest, and healthy lifestyle

So I thought my first post shouldn't be about makeup. Beauty starts deep inside of you. Before, putting on any ounce of makeup you have to start with the body. Not many people realize that rest and relaxation relates to beauty. If I don't get at least 6-8 hours of sleep, I can't Eve begin with morning beauty regmins.

Sleep: it is IMPORTANT to get an adequate amount of sleep. You need the time to regenerate. Plus, people loling for "dark circle" remedies should realize that getting a good amount a sleep may reduce their dark circles.

Water: staying hydrated throughout the day promotes good skin health plus other  numberous assets. It is important to drink water and skip all the sugar drinks. It will be helpful for your facial skin.

Food: this is an obvious. We have been told at a young age to eat healthy. And sometimes we hate too. But junk good and unhealthy eating habits are a small fact into stress and breaking out. By eating healthier food along with water you are promoting good body, mind, and skin.

Relaxation: most people will deny it or some may agree but we all need relaxation. Whether it is a bath, a nap, yoga / expercise. Anything that relieves stress. Stress, believe it or not, can actually make you gain weight. So my grabbing a cup of coffee and a good book you or listening to calming music will decrease your stress and promote a healthy body.

So whether people realize it or not but beauty is much deeper than hair, makeup , and skin. You have to start with yor internal before you can start your external :)So I hope this didn't bore

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