This page will give you an in site behind my blog :)


1. Why did you start having a blog?
Well, I enjoy make-up. And I felt like this is a way I can talk about make-up
and explore and join the beauty community.

2. Why are some of your pictures poor quality?
With life posts, I tend to use my iphone pictures. I tend to pack like I'll never see
my home again but I always forget to bring my camera!!! So that is why that's that!

3. Do you edit photos on your blog?
I do but I tend to do my posts in a rush!

4.Where do you have the money to buy expensive products?
I work for it. I enjoy having something to work towards! I tend to put my mind
on something and won't stop until I have it. I am a firm believer in working hard for what
you want. That is another reason that at this time I am not looking into PR.

5. Will you do GIVEAWAYS?
Since I am a newer blogger I feel like that's super desperate to do at this stage.
I will do giveaways maybe. It really depends on the situation, time, and amount of traffic
on the blog.

So I think that kind covers everything. Feel free to contact me for questions or collaboration
ideas! :)