Monday, September 1, 2014

August is gone. Time for the August Favorites!

Hello everyone!
Happy Labor Day! To those who do not celebrate then happy monday! So today I wanted
to a post of my August favorites. Since I am just getting back into the swing of things I do not
have quite the large post for you. However, I do have a few products that I suggest should
be in your makeup collection next summer!

Quick Note before you read!
Some of the products I have I received  through ipsy. I do not know were to purchase them.
Also, some of the products I do not show the content of. I do use these products. It's slightly
evident but just to keep a clean post. I did not take pictures of the content. Lastly, some
of the pictures are out of focus I am working on finding a new camera! Sorry!

Here is the August favorites!
First I wanted to start off with my new foundation routine! At the beginning of the month of the
month I had an issue with my old foundation routine. I WAS CAKED!!!! :( Basically, I had flakes
of makeup coming off my face. If that describes out awful that was. I was running out of solutions.
I had minimal help on this one. So I decided to just go against my gut instinct and try something
completely new. So I tried a new primer which Pores No More by Dr. Brandt. A primer I got in an
ipsy bag. It is a matte primer which is AGAINST my likings but it turned out very soft to the touch.
Not noticeable. When added with a moisturizer I will show later it made the right consistency. 

Then I used Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil Free foundation. BTW, to state the obvious here.
It is NOT skin clearing. But, for acne prone skin it actually is not bad. With other foundations
it can feel destroying on the skin. This one I can sweat and leave it on for the day and it does not
add to my already existing breakouts or worsen my existing breakouts.

I recommend these you can find the Neutrogena foundation at any drugstore. However, I find it
hard to find the Primer. The brand is unfamiliar to me. I did some research, LOL, via facebook
beauty groups and found you may be able to find it at T.J. Maxx but I have yet to find it. So
if you have any idea where to find it please comment. Maybe you guys know more than me!

Now, I am kind of scattered. I should have started with this next product first. But oh well, the next
product is an interesting product. I had it in my beauty junk drawer for some time. I finally picked
it up to try it one night after completing a very vigorous skin care routine. So, let's just say
NEVER ignore the little extras you get in kits and such. I must have gotten this awhile ago when
I went to a bare minerals store. I was never a bare minerals fan. But this was one product that
stood out from the rest!

It is the Bare Minerals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer. For normal to dry skin. I am not a huge fan
of a lot of moisturizers. This is not a staple for me either but it does the job. It is not scented
horrible and it works great with primers ( NOTE: Not solely used as a primer).

On to the next item! I posted about this palette since it came out. I was like "Oh I'll do a review."
Then bam! I was gone. Well, this is my mini review!

Naked 3 came out around I want to say maybe March 2014? Correct me if I am wrong, please!
Well, at first I struggled with it. For me, I was sort of newish at makeup really. I did not know how
to make the colors more colorful. Months on months later, I finally put it as a summer favorite. I
used it a lot for everyday looks. I used it for bun up rosy day looks. It is a good summer and
 maybefallish palette. I do not plan however to wear it all year. But to each their own!
(NOTE: should get a good eye primer for this palette!)

This next buy was bought to you by Wanelo! I would never have thought that I could trust wanelo
with a buy. Now, I do not recommend these if you are a brush fanatic because you maybe
disappointed by these brushes. However, if you are some what beginner or intermediate
with makeup these brushes are not bad for you. They are a tad too soft and soak up product. But I really likedthe variety and the price. They were $14 plus shipping. They do get the job done. And I enjoy testing them out and having a cute matching set. You can get them off of amazon but I did it
through wanelo! I enjoyed them for light summer looks!

Lastly, I wanted to wrap this up with my favorite thing! Lipsticks and lippies! I picked two that I
used a lot. I love red and pink. So for the summer I tried to pick bright vibrant reds and save the
plummy gothy reds for fall. And the pinks I chose are very light. But two lippies stood out to me
the most and are mostly used they are... Mac Snob and Revlon colorbursts matte balm in 240!

I do not recommend matte in the summer. Matte lips to me are drying. For me. And in the summer
it's some what more drying. So, I found it hard for me to really use them. I like a good shimmery
summery lip. But I do love the colors and they lasted pretty well on hot heated days. So these
would be my choice in lippies!

So just closing this post seems like a lot. I tried to limit it. These are just a few things I enjoyed
this summer! please leave your posts if you have august favorites to check out!

Thanks guys!

For next time:
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  • Also, please let me know how I am doing!
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