Sunday, November 10, 2013

First post of November :)

Hey Guys!
Holidays, Holidays, Holidays!
So November is a busy busy month. Most are already shopping for Christmas and in the Christmas
spirit. However, not in my case. November is my "me" month. I know you're thinking how selfish.
But I think I really want to take this month to just prepare myself for all the hustle and bustle of chirstmas.
I have much my agenda already such as buying a mini chirstmas tree, getting decorations up, posting more
posts here, gettting myself mentally and fashionably ready for winter, and so much more.

So this month, I will try to post a lot more. This is just my little preview to what the months holds.
I bought some little things from MAC and Sephora. I bought a beauty blender so I will do a mini
review because I am subtracting foundation out of my makeup routine.

I will also post what (to me) is a must have for winter.
So I have lots for you guys! ALSO, I am slightly interested in doing a collab
after someone asked me to do one with them. So if anyone has any idea's please let me know!

well, I am out of things to say! so please enjoy these two preview photos. Keep reading thanks guys! :D

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